What Are Some Typical Spanish Breakfast Dishes?

Spanish Breakfast Dishes

The Spanish breakfast is a dish that many of us associate with being Italian. However, it is also an important meal in many countries around the world. From Spain to the Philippines, to Germany to Italy, a breakfast dish is an essential part of many of our daily meals.

Many people have no idea what breakfast is, much less the different types and flavours available. Here is a brief guide to the different types of breakfast dishes.

Sandwich : Traditional Spanish Breakfast Dish

The most common and traditional Spanish breakfast dish is the sandwich. This is usually made by adding egg on it, which has been cooked in oil. Traditionally, you would put ham or bacon on the sandwich, but nowadays, there are many other options available. You could also try making the sandwich with either fresh or dry ham. When you go out in Spain, you will be able to find many sandwich shops, and most of them will be open from early in the morning until late at night.

Another breakfast dish that can vary greatly is the omelette. This is similar to the traditional British breakfast of bacon and eggs. However, they can also be served with vegetables and meats. The meat that is used is usually beef.

Rice Porridge

Another popular type of breakfast dish is the rice porridge, which is traditionally served as a first course. In many countries, this dish is served with fruit juice. Sometimes it is served without fruit juice, and some people prefer the extra sweetness that fruit juice brings to the rice. If you are in Spain, you will be able to find many restaurants that serve this breakfast dish every day.

Know About Pasajeros

A traditional Spanish breakfast dish is called ‘pasajeros’. These are small flatbreads, which can be easily bought in a supermarket. You can also make them at home with bread dough, which is relatively easy to do and the recipes can be found online.

When you are travelling in Spain, you will be able to find many different coffee based breakfast dishes. These are coffee-based dishes that are often accompanied with fruits, cheese, and milk. These are usually quite inexpensive to buy, but it is worth spending the extra money if you are able to sample some of these special breakfasts. If you want to avoid drinking coffee, then you will also be able to find many different varieties of hot chocolate, and tea that are available all over the country. Some of these coffee based breakfast dishes will also have fruit and nuts, and/or cheese on top.


A bowl of food on a plate

In Portugal, breakfast is typically served in the evening, when people are feeling lazy. People usually enjoy a nice cup of tea before lunch, and a big bowl of rice or porridge is usually served as a first course. You will be able to find many different options when it comes to breakfast in Spain, depending on your preferences and your budget. There are many restaurants in the city that will serve your favourite meal, and you can choose from many different types of breakfast.

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