Vegetarian Breakfast Dishes – 3 Great Varieties of Healthy Breakfast Meals

vegetarian breakfast dishes

Vegetarian Breakfast Dishes is quite often overlooked when preparing a healthy and fulfilling diet for the day. However, by paying attention to a few key elements, you can greatly enhance your enjoyment of this type of meals. First of all, I believe it is important to understand that there are many different types of vegetarians. Some are strictly vegan, while others follow a vegetarian lifestyle but also eat eggs, milk and cheese. In my opinion, dairy products should be avoided at all costs. That being said, here are some quick tips and ideas for some delicious vegetarian breakfast dishes that you might want to try.

Egg Bagel

A great way to start off your vegetarian day is with a simple egg bagel. This is a very simple dish to prepare, and is an ideal first meal of the day. It is often served cold, so you won’t feel guilty about enjoying it on a hot day. If you happen to like cream cheese, this is a great opportunity to enjoy some dairy products without overdoing them. An added bonus is that this vegetarian breakfast dishes usually have a surprising amount of protein, which is important to stay satisfied throughout the day.

If eggs aren’t your thing, there are many other excellent vegetarian breakfast dishes that are made from a wide variety of beans, grains and nuts. Two of the more popular options include the traditional Indian Masala Dosa and theuvian Pumpkin. Both of these dishes come from Pakistan and India, respectively, and are absolutely worth trying in order to experience authentic Indian cuisine at its best. The flavor combinations are incredible and you will undoubtedly be back for more when you decide to venture into other Pakistani and Indian cuisines.

Cook The Rice

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My next favorite vegetarian dishes are those that use vegetable based ghee to cook the rice. This delicious fat is made from clarified soybean oil and is used to cook the rice as well as any other ingredients used in the vegetarian dishes. For example, it can be used to cook onions, carrots, potatoes and corn. I have also seen idly and rice cooked with idly cow’s milk and served with a side of steamed green peas along with basmati rice. Idly rice is traditionally served idly after dal.

Tiao is a delicious vegetarian noodle soup that I love to serve at my breakfast table. I first discovered that at the Thai restaurant in our area, and was instantly hooked. I have tried it all, and there is something out there for everybody. My favorite idly rice dish is one that I typically serve at my table: thin, round chunks of white rice served with a generous amount of aromatic vegetable chunks and egg tofu over top.

Pho Vietnamese Rice

My final vegetarian food for this article is one that is often overlooked during breakfast. This dish is called Pho, and is Vietnamese rice that is typically served cold. Pho can be served as spicy or mild, but is usually served cold. Sometimes, when I am bored with cooking rice, I will serve Pho on the side. Spicy Pho is often served cold or at room temperature and is served along with grilled fish or shrimp.

Summing Up

If I had to name my absolute favorite vegetarian meal, I might name my tofu soup. The noodle soup has a great variety of vegetables and flavors. You can also choose your vegetables and enjoy a great variety of textures and flavors. In addition, it is full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is served chilled, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot, which is really important for people trying to watch their cholesterol levels. Lastly, the tofu is great in the soup, and you can even buy miso soup that has tofu in it.

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