Vegan Breakfast Diet For A Week

Vegan Breakfast Diet

Are you someone who wants to lose those extra inches at your belly within a week? Are you wondering about its possibility? Don’t worry. You can lose weight within seven days with this vegan breakfast diet for a week. Unbelievable, right? However, it is true. Most dieticians or trainers recommend you to have eggs or chicken to fulfill the protein requirement. However, there are substitutes for that in a vegetarian diet too. We have prepared a full-proof vegan breakfast diet for a week so that you can lose weight and gain the essential nutrients in your body.

Does Vegan Breakfast Diet Detoxifies The Body

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If you are wondering if a vegan breakfast diet can detoxify your body? So, the answer is yes. By following this vegan breakfast diet for a week, you can reduce weight and flush all the harmful toxins from your body. Let’s have a look at the vegan breakfast diet.

Seven Days Vegan Breakfast Diet

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However, please remember that it is a vegan breakfast diet, but you need to avoid all the junk food and fats all through the day for a week. Let’s get started-

Day 1- On the first day, you need to consume only fruits for breakfast, excluding bananas. After an hour or so, have a besan chilla to satisfy your hunger.


Start your day with a detox drink.

Get all the green and seasonal vegetables and slightly saute them in olive oil or have them raw for your breakfast.

Add chia and sunflower seeds to your breakfast bowl.

Day 3- On this day, you need to have a heavy breakfast. However, heavy doesn’t mean that you can have wheat or potatoes or your regular breakfast. You need to have a glass of juice, two bananas, and a sooji dosa. It will leave you so full for the rest of the day that you won’t need to eat much.

Day 4- How about starting your day with watermelon? Amazing, right? Get a large bowl filled with watermelon. Along with it, you can have a brown bread sandwich with all your favorite veggies.

Day 5- On day 5 of the Vegan breakfast diet, you need to have a tofu scramble to fulfill the protein requirement in your body.

Day 6- Get a bowl of boiled chickpeas along with green leafy vegetables. It is a complete meal in itself.

Day7- Finish your weekly diet with blueberry quinoa. It is a delight for your diet as well as taste buds.


Being a vegan doesn’t mean that you will have a very limited option for food. You can always lose weight irrespective of your food preferences. With this vegan breakfast diet, you can lose considerable weight along with detoxifying your body. However, you need to remember that along with this vegan breakfast diet. You need to take care of every meal you have in the day. It is also suggested to exercise on a routine basis for the best results.

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