Vanilla Ice Cream Winning Combinations

Vanilla Ice Cream Winning Combinations

Vanilla ice cream is one of the most beloved flavors in the universe of ice creams. Ask anyone to mention their favorite, and you likely to hear this treat in a list of their top three. Simple and yet delectable, this treat enjoyed by itself or with other combinations and toppings is a genuine delight. Keeping our sugar intake in check, here are some well-loved combinations that have stood the test of time.

The Best Vanilla Ice Cream Combinations:

The Mighty Banana Split

Vanilla Ice Cream Winning Combinations
Vanilla Ice Cream Winning Combinations

Traditionally made of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream, and a banana plus cherry fruit, the banana split has endured the test of time. Topped with sumptuous cream (opt for the low sugar variety) the banana split never fails on the yummy scale.

Cheesecake A La Mode Pleasure

Provided you select a low sugar, low-fat version, the cheesecake a la mode is a difficult dessert to beat. One cheesecake slice served with a scoop (or two) is more than enough to send you into gastronomic ecstasy.

Mouth Drooling Strawberry Shortcake

Biscuits topped with fresh strawberry and this treat are a trio that conspires to dazzle the taste buds. One gets a texture of chewiness from the biscuit, natural flavors from strawberries and of course, that classic vanilla taste. This dessert is usually not spared seconds.

Chocolate-Cherry-Vanilla Pie

Vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and cherry tastes heavenly. We have tried this out and we know that nothing can be better than this ice cream. Use the vanilla one as a base and pour over your desired amount of chocolate sauce on it. Top it with cherries and enjoy the heavenly taste. For a better taste, you can add some nuts to it too!

A Cake Filled With The Delicious Goodness Of Peanut Butter And Vanilla Ice Cream

Peanut butter and ice cream – these words even sound delicious! Is it just us or you are drooling too? Just the name brings around such delicious thoughts in our mind! Make the base a thick one lined with peanut butter cookies. Put another thick base of vanilla ice-cream on top it. You can make it as thick as you want! Top it off with another layer of comparatively thinner cookies. Put any dressing of your choice on top and refrigerate. You will taste one of the most delicious ice cream cakes ever!

How to Make Homemade Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream Winning Combinations
Vanilla Ice Cream Winning Combinations


  • 2 cups whipping cream
  • 2 cups low fat milk
  • One cup sugar alternative
  • 3 tsp vanilla extract


Get ready with a mixing bowl and a shallow freezer.  Freeze the bowl for about 60 minutes. In another bowl, combine all of the ingredients on low. Sustain this mix for several minutes to ensure that all of the ingredients are thoroughly blended together. Once done, transfer the mixture to the pre-frozen bowl and freeze. Every half hour or so for the next 2 to 2.5 hours, get the mixture out of the freezer.  Mix for a couple of minutes and then return to the freezer. Keep doing this process until your ice cream has achieved your desired consistency. Enjoy!

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