Top Desert Breakfast Restaurants In The Palm Springs

Desert Breakfast Restaurants

One of the things that you notice when you come to Palm Springs is the cool and casual atmosphere. There are many places that you can go here but there are some restaurants that offer the best breakfast menu. These desert breakfast restaurants are great as they offer good food along with some great service to the customers. Breakfast means a good start to the day and it is better to eat some good breakfast at one of the top restaurants in the area.

You can try various restaurants that offer amazing food and great hospitality but here are some that you must try if you are in the area. All these restaurants have great food and you will have multiple choices so you can choose the food that you would like to eat. You can also try multiple cuisines that are present there so that there is no dearth of choices for you. There are heavy as well as light breakfast options which is the best part about the restaurants that are in the list mentioned below.

John’s Restaurant

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It is a gem when it comes to having breakfast in the area due to the choices that are available in the menu. You have to order from the menu on the wall and then get yourself a seat anywhere you like. The food will be served at your table and you will get a big helping of the breakfast food that is available at this restaurant. You will get everything from pancakes to omelettes and other things which is great. The portion size is great and you might not be able to finish the whole thing in one go so prepare for some tasty leftovers for later.


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This is one of the classiest hotels for breakfast and interiors are so amazing. The outdoor patio is the best spot to eat a good breakfast in the morning and it is the prime spot so you will see a lot of people there.If you do not have any budget constraints then you can try some expensive dishes here as they taste exquisite and you will fall in love with flavors that will burst into your mouth with one single bite.

Lulu California Bistro

Modernism and the normal restaurant scene combine at this place. It is the perfect place to experience the spirit of the Palm Springs and you will love the modern vibe here. It has one of the best breakfast menus in the area and you must visit here. It has indoor seating as well as the patio so you can choose according to what you like. There are many delicious options on the menu and everything tastes mouthwatering.


These are the top desert breakfast restaurants that you can try in Palm Springs and these restaurants offer you a great choice of dishes for a healthy and tasty breakfast. All these are great and you must try these so that you can get a taste of heaven along with the stunning views of the area.

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