Sweet Desserts And sugar Cakes Of The Philippines

Sweet Desserts and sugar Cakes of the Philippines

You might not be familiar with the delicacies of the Philippines, especially those served with sweet desserts. You probably cannot imagine sugar cake served with luscious vanilla cream or vanilla glaze. In reality, it is just a normal and popular dessert in the country. The kind of sugar cakes and dessert you can expect from the country are the following:

Sweet Desserts

Sweet Desserts and sugar Cakes of the Philippines
Sweet Desserts and sugar Cakes of the Philippines

These are sugar cakes, but not the ordinary kind of cake served in many restaurants and sweets shops. Filipino sweets are unique and delicious because they have a unique taste, especially when compared to American sweets. There are thousands of local sweet food recipes that contain sugar cakes and desserts.

Sweet Treats And Creamy Sweet Fudge:

Filipino sweet treats and desserts are topped with a classic vanilla glaze. They come in various forms. You can find homemade cookies, pastries, puddings, and ice creams topped with whipped cream, or you can have the best homemade glazed sweets that you can find in the Philippines.

It’s Not Your Father’s Sugared Wafers:

Instead of the usual cake, you will find sticky rice available in the country. Unlike traditional wafers that have many sugar crystals, sticky rice has one or two large white flakes. It is crispy and sweet on the outside, while not so sweet and crunchy on the inside.

Asian Taro Cake: Sweet Desserts

Another kind of cake is called Asian Taro Cake. This is more popular in the Philippines than those served in other countries. The only difference between the two is that the Asian Taro Cake has a wheat base.

Strawberries And Cream

You’ve probably never tasted a delicious combination of sweet fruit-topped cake and creamy vanilla icing. It’s the favorite dessert of Filipino people. This mixture is rich and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness from the strawberries.

Peanut Butter And Caramel:

It’s a classic sweet made from peanuts and caramel. Coconut is commonly used as the base for this dessert, though other nuts like cashews and almonds can also be used. Peanut butter is very popular in the Philippines, and it’s easy to make your own version by using real peanuts, natural and unsalted oil, and other flavorings.

Mango And Apricot: Sweet Desserts

A traditional sweet made from sugar and apricots. It is very easy to make. This dessert is considered to be the healthiest type of dessert because it is full of natural nutrients and antioxidants.

Orange, Marzipan, And Coconut:

These sweet desserts are made from the same ingredients as the Mango and Apricot desserts. These also are popular among Filipino people.

And, if you do not want your dessert to be too sweet, you can always go for the sweet but low-calorie alternatives such as Granola and Pudding. If you add some non-sweet items to your dessert, like yogurt, pears, berries, raisins, or nuts, you can also give your dessert a tangy flavor.

Sweet Desserts and sugar Cakes of the Philippines
Sweet Desserts and sugar Cakes of the Philippines

Bottom Line

However, sugar cakes and desserts are usually sweetened with a variety of sweeteners. You can choose between sugar, honey, or fruit preserves. Most local sweet food recipes will have one or more sweetening agents, depending on the sweetness of the cake.

You can also try one of the many Filipino sweets called Chocolate. It can be found in many sweet food shops. It has been made since colonial times, but today, Filipino sweets are found in many gourmet food stores and bakeries in the United States and even Europe.

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