Quick Breakfast Recipes With The Air Fryer That You Ought To Try Out Once

quick breakfast recipes

Air Fryers are a lifesaver when it comes to eating foods that generally have quite high amounts of calories. For example, if you are making french fries in the air fryers, you are already decreasing the amount of calories since there will be no oil involved in the process. Plus when you cook your food using air fryers, you can easily prepare it within a short amount of time and also without creating a mess in the kitchen. Thus, it automatically becomes a great choice for cooking breakfasts! So, here are a few quick breakfast recipes with the air fryer that you can try to give your tastebuds a refreshing change in the morning hours.

Apple Fritters

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Apple fritters make for a great dessert snack especially when you want to snack on something healthy. If you are preparing them in the fryer, it will be ready in about 30 minutes and will be way more healthier than the old-fashioned fritters. Worry not, the brown butter glaze will make them as delicious as you are used to while keeping them healthy.

Breakfast Burritos

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Burritos are a great choice when it comes to breakfasts. They are filling, mouthwatering and nutritious at the same time. Plus, when you cook these burritos in the air fryer, they are sure to turn out to be deliciously crispy with the potato, sausage and egg making it all the more yummy.

Bacon Crescent Rolls

Oh! Who can ever say not to bacon! Plus, we have been eating bacon in our breakfast meals for ages and they are absolutely tasty. So, why not make them healthy too by cooking them in the airfryer? These are fun to assemble, easy to make and the children are surely going to love biting into these rolls!

Healthy Air-Fryer Donuts

If you are someone who loves to start off their day on a sweet note, then this recipe is for you! You can even make yourself some donuts in the airfryer and avoid the hassle and the calories of deep frying. Whether you want your donuts glazed, sugar dusted, or fluffy, an airfryer can help you do it all.

Breakfast Croquettes With Egg And Asparagus

If you are more of a breakfast on the go person, then this recipe will be ideal for you. You can easily prepare the croquettes in the conventional manner, but instead of frying them on the pan, fry them in the airfryer. Trust me, you will be doing a lot of good to your body. If you want to have something fancy in the early hours, also pack some hollandaise sauce for dunking the croquettes in.

Wrapping Up

So, these were our top picks of quick breakfast recipes using an airfryer. They are equally tasty and delicious as the conventional dishes that we are used to and also a lot more healthier. So, if you don’t have an airfryer already, you might even consider buying one!

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