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Bed and breakfasts are an increasingly popular option to stay in Palm Desert, California. This trend is fueled by the luxurious all inclusive resorts that are offered by such hotels as Saks Fifth Avenue, W hotels and other such establishments. In addition, there are a number of new choices that are being made by many Bed and Breakfast Palm Desert hotels to meet the needs of their guests. If you are willing to indulge yourself in some amazing Italian cuisine and are looking for an authentic experience, then you might consider staying at one of the new Bed and Breakfasts Palm Desert restaurants that are springing up around Palm Desert.

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One of these restaurants is La Dolce Vita at downtown Palm Desert. This exquisite restaurant was created by two Italian immigrants who have graced the area for many years with their high quality food. If you like your Italian food a little bit over the top then you will love this restaurant, which offers exquisite Italian cuisine at some of the most unique settings you can find anywhere in Palm Desert.

Amazing Desserts

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Another excellent choice of excellent Italian restaurants near palm desert is Armani on Main Street. This stylish street cafe offers you some of the best options for authentic Italian food you’ll ever eat. You can start off your meal with their outstanding breads, pastas and desserts. The best way to end an Armani meal is with their amazing desserts that are made using real Italian chocolate. You can also enjoy some authentic Italian coffee while you dine at Armani.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit more special than just pizza and pasta for dinner you might consider trying out some of the outstanding culinary delights at The Sanctuary. This stunning restaurant is nestled among the red rock mountains and offers you some of the most amazing views of the desert you can imagine. At The Sanctuary you’ll find some of the most amazing castellis in Palm Springs that you can visit. At The Sanctuary you can dine on some of the delicious desert gold food, or you can choose to try one of their exciting and popular pasta dishes.

The Traditional Italian Desserts

For dessert you might want to head over to Armani’s Osteria. Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful dessert plates you’ll ever see. From traditional Italian cakes to fresh fruit or chocolate truffles, this is one of the places where you can get the traditional Italian desserts while experiencing a new twist or flavor of your Italian cuisine. Along with the incredible desserts, you can also enjoy some wonderful Mediterranean wine along with your desert. The 10 best Italian restaurants in palm desert that feature the spectacular views from The Sanctuary include: Armani on Main Street, The Sanctuary, Armani on Airport Mesa, Bella Veneto, Bon Voyageur, Cosimo, Courthouse Deli, Equus, Hooters, Jack’s Place, Le Creuset, Mozart, Pizzelle, Rubicon, Salvatore Ferragamo, T&L, Valentino, Z Pelliotis and many more.

Beautiful Italian Restaurant

You can also experience some of the most authentic Italian cuisine by dining at the Pizzelle Company. You can even take your choice of pasta and pizza to this fabulous desert. This Italian restaurant features amazing views, and is the only restaurant that serves Italian cuisine right outside of the American Dream! Dining at Pizzelle is like no other you’ve experienced, and is sure to make you want to return if you ever come to Palm Desert.

For an even better selection of authentic Italian restaurants you should consider booking a night at La Dolce Vita in Palm Desert. This luxurious Italian restaurant is also known as the “Chicks from El Cajon” and offers a variety of appetizers, deserts, and specialty dishes. The decor of this beautiful Italian restaurant is very classy and is also frequented by celebrities. The food is exquisite as well. You can try a special chocolate truffle, or enjoy a delectable plate of nachos. If you are looking for a great dessert, this is the one to eat at.


If you are looking for a new place to stay in Palm Desert with amazing views you should consider staying at the Bed and Breakfast Palm Desert. These luxury resorts are truly luxurious accommodations and offer some of the best in luxury and gourmet Italian cuisine around. You can dine at any of the four restaurants in Palm Desert or feel pampered at any of the five star hotels. You are just steps away from the Las Vegas Strip. With many amenities and great food this is one of the best Italian restaurants in the world.

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