Palm Desert Breakfast – Three Guaranteed Places to Get Your Mornings Started

palm desert breakfast

If you’ve never had Palm Desert breakfast before, you really should try a Palm Springs breakfast. There’s something about fresh eggs, toast, bacon, cereal, fruits, and coffee that make waking up in the morning special. It’s one of those rare opportunities to escape from the modern rat race into a world where everything is homemade. And you can experience this almost anywhere, from quaint country resorts to sprawling city parks. Here are some of Palm Springs’ most famous breakfast spots, as ranked by visitor polls.

The Best Place

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Any true Southern Californian will tell you: Wilma’s fried chicken is one of Palm Springs’ best-loved dishes. For more than 20 years, Wilma’s chicken has made its way into just about every Southern California restaurant menu. Many local restaurants also offer fried chicken as a breakfast available option, though there are also plenty of options for a quick breakfast on the run around the valley. One of the best things about Wilma’s is that it’s made from scratch, rather than frozen. That means the taste is as close as you’ll get to cook it yourself at home, and it’s often cheaper (and sometimes better). One of the best things about Wilma’s is that it offers a variety of choices; while you can get fried chicken with hash browns, you can also get a black bean omelet, or even a ham and egg batter.

If you prefer Southwestern style to Eastern, you might enjoy a Breakfast Club Meal at the Overlook. This morning breakfast joint serves up food from some of Palm Springs’ most popular restaurants, including Emeril’s, Jambalaya, and La Quinta. Along with sandwiches, pastries, fruit selections, breakfast cereals, and many more, Overlook Breakfast Club also serves free coffee and tea to all of its patrons. Whether you have the morning to morning drive to South Bend for your business or pleasure, you can grab a seat at one of Overlook’s incredible breakfast menu offerings and make your way to work in comfort and style.

Top Restaurant

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Of course, you don’t have to head south of the Vegas Strip to find a fantastic morning meal in Palm Desert. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, make your way to the Miramonte Resort and Spa for a relaxing breakfast filled with local favorite dishes like poached pears, homemade tortillas, and cafe con lechon. The Miramonte is also home to its own take on the classic breakfast of Miguel de la Pasion. This delicious Mexican breakfast is served during the morning and afternoon. Locally roasted pork is served with fresh salsa, homemade tortillas, and a fresh enchilada. You might want to visit the Miramonte after lunch, as it’s after dinner buffet is also filled with delicious Mexican fare.

For a slightly more traditional breakfast or brunch, you might consider checking out the Palm Desert Breakfast Lounge. Built around an old-world diner style structure, this beautiful establishment serves up some delicious food favorites like their clam chowder, pancakes, waffles, and their famous maple syrup pancakes. If you are looking for something a little less traditional, you might try the Sunday brunch menu at the Wilma’s Kitchen. brunch specials feature their delicious eggs benne and country ham biscuits, served with fresh vegetables. If you are looking for a taste of hometown flavor, you should definitely check out the Sunday brunch menu at the Wilma’s Kitchen.

Classic Breakfast Or Brunch

If you aren’t looking for a classic breakfast or brunch, you might want to try one of Palm Desert’s award winning restaurants. Serrano’s is a small establishment that serves only a small collection of its signature dishes like their spinach omelet. However, if you love spinach omelet, you will love this small establishment. One of their must try dishes is their clam chowder that features crab meat with their signature tomato cream sauce. If you enjoy California bistro style foods, you will appreciate their fettuccini Alfredo, which is loaded with chicken and spinach and served with a fresh tortilla.

If you are looking for a unique experience with a little bit of California in it, you should check out Miramonte Resort. The entire premise of the Miramonte Resort is based around a fusion of contemporary and traditional Asian cuisine. Their Sunday brunch offers exotic Asian favorites like char kway teo, egg drop soup, and cold sesame tofu to start you off on your day. Other popular dishes include their peanut butter caramel cake, lamb shank with broccoli, and their beef satay.


Of course, there are also many other breakfast options available in Palm Desert. Aside from the already mentioned breakfast places, there are the Lushious Cafe, the Tandoori Masala, and of course, Sundance Mountain Breakfast. At Sundance Mountain Breakfast, you can indulge in their creamy coconut milk coffee while watching the beautiful vistas of the desert. Of course, breakfast doesn’t stop here. You can also visit the El Primeval Market and browse through local paintings and find a unique piece of art that you can purchase to hang up on your wall at home.

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