Korean Breakfast Foods You Will Love

korean breakfast dishes

This is not necessarily true of all Korean dishes, but it is usually true of most Korean dishes. There are various versions of kimchi or gomjang, a spicy and sour soup. Most kimchi is cooked with onions, bell pepper, and garlic, although some versions are made without onions.

Another one of the famous and most traditional Korean breakfast dishes is young, which translates to wheat bread. Usually, there is a rice wine called black wine added to the young. A lot of beef is also used in the dish, and wood floor is what gives the dish its name. Wood floor can be cut into strips to resemble the texture of rice. You can eat the young with your dinner, or you can dip the pieces into red hot chili sauce before your meal.


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The next one on our list is bokkuro, which means spicy beef. Again, there is no reference to whether the beef is lean or fatty. It has an onion base and is most commonly prepared with beef. The reason for using beef in this dish is that Korean tradition says that whoever cooks bokkuro must have great skill with the tongue. The combination of spicy beef and wood floor is something that is hard to come by in the United States, and this may be why it is so popular in Korea.

Soybean soup dumplings are another one of the most popular Korean breakfast dishes. They are usually served during the day, but can also be a great snack at night. Soybean soup dumplings are very easy to make, and are typically vegetarian. You can find various versions of the dish with different types of meat or vegetables. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a healthy version of sour soup that is full of flavor, the Korean version will fit the bill.


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One of my favorites is godhood. This is similar to bokkuro but is less oily and contains fewer anchovies. The ingredients are the same, but the difference is in the garnishing. This dish is served with steamed white rice.

If you are looking for something different and more unique, hygge is the answer. Korean yogi is not a soup, but it is a small mouthful of fish. In Korean culture, hygge represents a female fertility god. This small fish is cooked with onion and ginger before being served with vegetables and fish sauce.


While these are some of the more popular Korean foods, there are many others. Some other common foods include mando, which is a beef soup flavored with vinegar and served with cabbage. There are also ginseng and young, which are fermented herbs. Lastly, there is bogus, another soup. Bokguk is typically served during the night time hours when everyone is sleeping. It is known as a pain killer because of its effect on the liver.

All of these foods are very easy to find. They can be found all over Seoul, as most Korean restaurants serve them. You may be surprised at how much they cost, especially when considering all of the above. As I said before, there are tons of restaurants, but I recommend one place: Jamsil. It is one of the best restaurants in all of Seoul and their Korean food is among the best in the world!

Go To Their Website

Here is what you need to do to get your hands on some of this fabulous food: First of all, go to their website. That way, you can pick and choose the items you want. Also, if you see any food that you want to buy, you should make sure you go up to the counter and ask for it or tell the cashier that you will be back another time. A lot of times, I have bought things like wild mushrooms which I never knew existed!

The best part about this whole experience is that if you are out of your country, you don’t have to worry about eating Korean food for breakfast. Since it’s so easy to get, I suggest you take along some food that you know you like to eat for lunch and dinner the next day. That way, you will always have something delicious to look forward to during your stay in Seoul. And if you do find yourself in Seoul and get hungry, you can always go back to Jamsil and grab something to eat! This place serves me the most delicious Korean food of all time, and has been a reliable source for me when I travel to South Korea.


These are just a few of the fantastic Korean breakfast foods that I have had the pleasure of enjoying while I was there. The prices are very reasonable, and there are a ton of great places to eat in Seoul. Try some of these dishes if you are ever in Seoul, and you will fall in love with this beautiful country. If you haven’t been to South Korea yet, I highly recommend giving it a try before you leave, because there is simply no comparison to eating Korean foods for breakfast in any other country.

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