Kitchen Equipment: Tools That Must Be In The Kitchen

Kitchen Equipment: Tools that Must Be in the Kitchen

The number of shapes and types of cooking utensils makes you have to choose carefully. If the wrong choice, food processing, and cooking results are not optimal. Well, before you rush to buy all the cooking equipment without adjusting to your daily kitchen needs, it’s good to see a list of these 7 must-have kitchen equipment in the kitchen.

Kitchen Equipment: Tools that Must Be in the Kitchen
Kitchen Equipment: Tools that Must Be In The Kitchen

Pot (Kitchen Equipment)

Have an excellent pan has nothing to lose. We can use the pan to make various kinds of sauce, boil food ingredients, and make broth. Therefore choose a pot with the right parts and thick enough.

Because if it is too thin, then the cuisine will quickly burn, but the food is not yet ripe. If the pan material is too heavy and thick, you will have difficulty using it. The pan you need is the pan that can spread heat evenly and comfortably hold it.

Pan (Kitchen Equipment)

Now the pan is available in many shapes and sizes. Its primary function is to fry with a little oil, make omelet, pancakes, omelet, and cook eggs. Use a more significant size frying pan to fry with oil. Usually, the pot is coated with non-sticky ingredients because the pot is used to make dishes that are directly served beautifully, making it easier when forming food. Pan entered in the list of 10 must-have cooking utensils in the kitchen.

Kitchen Strainer (Kitchen Equipment)

The strainer is the kind of kitchen tool used to lift and drain fried foods. Scoop is vital because it helps reduce oil in the dish. It also has a variety of models and sizes. However, the function and usefulness remain the same. Here is our particular recommendation. Just look out below:

Large Spoon Kitchen Strainer

It is an eco-friendly strainer made of Polypropylene (PP). It is a lightweight filter, perfect for draining food straight from the cooking container. It is a compact and durable filter that used to fry mamos, pasta, and healthy vegetable quickly in the kitchen. Measuring 34.5cmx 12.5cm, it is easy to operate and no maintenance required, as it is easy to clean and dry.

Knives (Kitchen Equipment)

At a minimum, you must have two types of knives in the kitchen. A medium-sized knife that is usually used to cut, chop, peel abundant size foodstuffs, such as watermelons, papayas, and others. Whereas a small knife can be used to peel onions, peel fruit, fillet, and skin.

Cutting boards

There are two types of cutting boards available on the market, namely cutting boards made of wood and plastic. From the health side, a wooden cutting board is better than a plastic cutting board. This is because bacteria are more difficult to survive in wood. Porous wood surfaces absorb moisture from vegetables or meat when placed for cutting.

There are two kinds of wooden cutting boards, which are horizontal and vertical lines. Choose a wooden cutting board with vertical fiber because parallel fibers are relatively impervious to blades. Every time the blade blades hit the wood, the thread will leave strokes. Besides, this type of timber quickly makes blunt blades.

Kitchen Equipment: Tools that Must Be in the Kitchen
Kitchen Equipment: Tools that Must Be In The Kitchen

Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoon does not deliver heat, so it is safe and comfortable when used to cook food. Wood is soft on hand and safe to use on non-stick cookware. Meanwhile, a metal spoon can react with acidic ingredients so that it changes the taste of your cuisine.


It serves to steam cooking. Made from aluminum. This steam pan usually consists of three parts, namely a large pot to hold water, then there are other pans of different sizes and holes in the bottom and edges, then equipped with a glass lid.

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