Jens Rubrum Resort And Spa – Offering Breakfast At Its Best

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One of the best resorts in Jens Palm Desert, Jens Palm Beach villas is located just a few steps from the beach. This makes for convenient and easy access to the beach and the many dining locations on the property. Dining at Jens Palm Beach villas is not like dining anywhere else. Here you are treated to elegant dining with the most experienced chefs in the Palm Desert area.

What Breakfast Options You Get At Jens Palm Beach Villas

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You will find many fantastic options for breakfast here at Jens Palm Beach villas. There are several places to dine in the day. You can start your day with fresh fruit in the morning. You will also find continental breakfast to be available in the early afternoon. For a mid-afternoon break, you might want to try one of the delicious breakfast sandwiches that Jens offers. These will keep you full until lunchtime.

The buffet in the evening might seem a bit boring, but it is filled with wonderful entrees. You will find many mouth-watering dishes, including sockeye salmon, crab cakes, egg bennies, and prime rib. For a light snack, you might enjoy a fresh fruit platter, including low-calorie yogurt, apples, pears, strawberries, and more. Many of these items can be prepared by the guest and then left to cool off on the side of the pool deck or patio.

Palm Springs Area Also Serves Good Breakfast

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If you are looking for breakfast closer to home, you can satisfy your sweet tooth at one of the many fantastic brunch restaurants in the Palm Springs area. You will find some fantastic choices here as well. One of the best is Serena’s Place, which has its outdoor balcony. Serena’s will serve up breakfast every day at 11 am and lunch every day of the week until dinner time.

The Best Places To Have Breakfast At Palm Springs

Of course, there are still some great places to get breakfast in Palm Springs. One of the best is La Tania’s, which serves up its fresh and filling meals all day long. Many of the items available are ones you would find in a more traditional restaurant, such as grits, eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and omelets. The daily breakfast menu also includes tuna wraps, vegetarian wraps, and several different salads.

For something different, you might enjoy stopping by JoJos Cafe. This is a small family-owned diner that prides itself on having the best food. Here you will findaffles, pancakes, waffles, cogwheels, and some fresh fruit. There is even a kid’s menu, which you can enjoy with the breakfast. If you are looking for breakfast nachos, you won’t find them here.

Final Thoughts

While you are here, you should also check out the shops at the Jens Rubrum Resort and Spa. These shops offer everything you need to do your daily business, whether buying tickets for the shows you want to see, new or used, or even souvenirs for friends and family back home. Of course, there are some wonderful antiques and beautiful decor pieces for you to look through.

In the midst of all of this great shopping and dining, you might stop by the Pool Bar to kick back with a drink and catch up on the daily news. The Pool Bar is open every day for lunch and dinner, and there are so many breakfast items you will find here that you can never get tired of being in the Spa.

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