How To Find The Best Ice Cream Flavors

How to Find the Best Ice Cream Flavors

The process of making ice cream is fascinating and the art of blending flavors together is not a simple task. Whether it’s ice cream flavors you are seeking, from gourmet or some store-bought frozen treat, remember that the ability to find a good blend of flavors is a good sign that the restaurant may be one of the best in town.

How do you find an ice cream flavor that really works? Well, start with what you will be eating when you are finished. Taste buds vary from person to person, but the basic principles apply.

How to Find the Best Ice Cream Flavors
How to Find the Best Ice Cream Flavors

Types Of Flavors

“Ice cream comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. Both types of milk contribute to the flavor, but the texture and volume will differ slightly.” -Snookie’s Not So Supermarket Cafe

“People really love ice cream, so if they can’t pronounce your name they won’t come to your restaurant.” -Malcolm’s Home-Made Italian Ice Cream

“I’ll tell you what I really like about the ice cream flavor I like, it’s the original flavor.” -Malcolm’s Home-Made Italian Ice Cream

“So I was just talking to this lady yesterday and she said the best ice cream is the Boursin Ice Cream. That is actually one of my all-time favorite flavors.” -Chef Rob’s Bistro

This can make a big difference when you are working with new flavors. After all, the right combination of flavors will set your restaurant apart from the rest. Sometimes it can be tricky to get exactly what you want for a new flavor. Some ice cream companies offer sample packs, where you can sample a handful of flavors and narrow down your choices.

For example, Five Star at the Glen Park Mall offered a very interesting summer menu of peanut butter and banana flavors for their caramel popcorn, chocolate chip pecan nuts, strawberry banana fudge, and strawberry lemonade flavors. As a test, each customer was given an ice cream flavored chia seed and gave their opinion on the outcome. For the cherry flavor, customers most preferred the strawberry chia. Those who chose the banana flavor were more than happy to swap it out for the other two flavors.

Unique Tastes Of Icecream

The same goes for the unique tastes of ice cream. The taste of strawberries and mango is great but choosing a mango flavor makes it difficult to coordinate with the other flavors. Traditional vanilla, buttermilk, coffee, pistachio, chocolate, or peanut butter cup will usually work well with the other flavors.

One Good Example: Best Ice Cream Flavors

Chocolate is a good example. Chocolate is commonly used with other flavors and is a valuable asset, especially when combined with the other flavors. Try combining vanilla and chocolate or peanut butter and chocolate for a truly tasty treat. For the seasonally-challenged, don’t forget pumpkin and chocolate!

How to Find the Best Ice Cream Flavors
How to Find the Best Ice Cream Flavors

Final Verdict: Best Ice Cream Flavors

Always keep your eye out for more suggestions and keep in mind the possibilities for Ice Cream flavor and combinations. Don’t be afraid to take some chances and experiment with your ice cream flavors. Just like eating is an activity, having a great ice cream dish is an experience.

Experimentation and testing are key in knowing how to combine ice cream flavor to your liking. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised with new flavors you thought only were available in your imagination. While there are no hard and fast rules for mixing ice cream flavors, it is fun and rewarding to try.

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