Healthy And Tasty Breakfast Sandwich Recipe To Help You Start A Busy Day With Delight

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You can take your breakfast to the next level with the help of a healthy sandwich recipe which is always healthy for your health as you need to take something healthy and light in breakfast. Sandwiches are healthy as well as it is the perfect way to start your day when you want something quick and satisfying to eat. They are also indulgent and tasty treats on weekends. If you don’t want to line up at the local dinner then you can go for some healthy sandwich recipes so that your cravings are met and even your tummy gets full. We have listed below a few sandwich recipes which will help you to satisfy your cravings and will fill your stomach when you are hungry.

1.  Scrambled Egg and Tomato Grilled Cheese-

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With this creamy enrich grilled cheese sandwich the breakfast on the go becomes very easy this sandwich melt very beautifully alongside scrambled egg with fresh sliced tomatoes everything will be kept glued together with the help of this hearty Texas Toast and expressing a flavor is added with the help of the garlic habanero hot sauce to awaken the taste buds of your mouth.


●  You need two slices of Texas Toast.

●  You need 3 to 4 ounces of Alpha Tolman cheese.

●  You need 4 slices of fresh tomato.

●  You need two eggs which should be firmly scrambled.

●  You need one teaspoon of chives which should be finely chopped.

●  You need optional hot sauce.


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First, you need to gather the ingredients. Then just put half the cheese on one slice of Texas Toast. Now you need to dab the tomatoes with a paper towel to remove the excess moisture and then sprinkle salt on them. Now put the tomato on top and then cover with the scrambled eggs and the chives. You need to cover the eggs and chives with cheese on top and then add the remaining top piece of bread. Now you need to set the toast aside by smearing both sides with salted butter. You need to add the butter sandwich to a medium frying pan and then turn on the heat to medium. You need to cook the grilled cheese sandwich till one side turns golden brown and the cheese starts to melt. Now you need to flip the sandwich and repeat the process until the other side also becomes golden brown and is equally toasted. Now you need to remove the sandwich from the heat and let it sit for a minute so that the cheese can thicken and you get all the flavor with full intensity.


There are several sandwich recipes with which you can start your day and which will help to give you a healthy and very tasty delight to have. Sandwiches are always a hearty meal if you don’t have anything to eat and can be made in minutes. If you want to get some more sandwich recipes like the recipe which is mentioned above then stay tuned.

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