Great Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Recipes

mediterranean diet breakfast recipes

One of the most popular diets is the Mediterranean diet, and one of its favorite breakfast meals is the pizza. The popularity of this meal among dieters has given rise to a number of breakfast recipes for the Mediterranean diet.Although there are many different kinds of pizza available on the market today, none can beat the original flavors of the tomato and olive oil crust. This is the kind of recipe you want to try.

To prepare this dish, start with softened cream cheese. You can use regular or reduced fat cheese. Place half of a tablespoon of cream cheese in a bowl and mix in half of a cup of chopped tomatoes. Add some sea salt to taste and mix in evenly.

Add Spinach To The Mixture

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Next, add spinach to the mixture. Although spinach is not a common ingredient in breakfast meals, it’s high in iron and helps boost your metabolism. Cut up a tablespoon of fresh Spinach and add it to the mixture. Then, sprinkle a bit of sea salt over it and place in the oven at 350F for about 20 minutes. When done, break up the spinach and serve with your Mediterranean diet breakfast recipes.

Another great meal you can serve on the trail is a version of the classic scrambled eggs. This recipe is actually easier than many people may think. Just because it’s called “scrambled” doesn’t mean you have to throw all of your kitchen ingredients into a pot and turn it into a chaotic batter.

Just combine all of your necessary ingredients, like eggs, milk, cream, and butter, then stir in your favorite spices. This makes a delicious and nutritious breakfast that everyone is sure to love.

Tomato Soup

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If you’re not a big fan of spinach but still love tomatoes, then you might want to try this delicious and easy to make tomato soup. This recipe is easy to make and uses an ingredient that you probably already have in your home. All you have to do is combine some soup mix, some chopped or crushed tomatoes, some basil (or any type of fresh herbs), some black pepper, some cheddar cheese, and your favorite spices. Then, just heat up your favorite stove top pasta and put everything into your slow cooker. Let it cook on low for about 8 hours, until the pasta is completely cooked through.

Another great option for a Mediterranean diet breakfast is one that’s become very popular recently Eggs in a Tomato Sauce. This easy to make recipe uses fresh tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, garlic, and just a touch of sweetness from the tomatoes to really enhance the flavor of the egg.

You simply mix the egg and any spices (salt and pepper if needed) into the tomatoes. You then pour the mix over some whole milk and some more tomatoes, making sure and covering in the cheese mixture. Cook on low for about eight hours and then enjoy this healthy dish.

A Traditional Greek Oatmeal

For dessert, some other excellent options for your Mediterranean diet breakfast recipes would be a traditional Greek oatmeal, such as oatmeal, walnuts, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables. For a nice change of pace, you can even substitute the walnuts for something more unusual, such as cinnamon cashews or almonds instead of walnuts.

Overnight oats bake makes a good start to your day, and you could also take a look at the various nuts that are available, such as cashew, almond, pecan, or hazelnuts. For dessert, you can of course always go with a fresh fruit, or even go all out and get chocolate!

Final Words

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can incorporate some of the favorite foods from the Mediterranean into your diet breakfast menu plan. Just by changing up the ingredients and even the way you make it, you can end up with a delicious meal that is free of any traditional preservatives. These recipes are particularly good for people who have food allergies or who have difficult diets to maintain, since even the smallest amounts of these spices will give them a great amount of flavor and great health benefits as well.

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