French Breakfast Dishes – A Healthy Option For brunch

french breakfast dishes

French Breakfast Dishes is the ultimate comfort food. People who love to eat it every day are crazy about French fries, crepes, migraines, and hash browns. These delectable and sumptuous dishes have been in existence for many centuries and are often referred to as French Food. There is no denying that French dishes are one of the best tasting foods you will ever eat.

You can start your day with a delicious bowl of warm French toast and some fresh fruit. An apple, a slice of pear is excellent for an afternoon brunch or if you have a sweet tooth try an apple crisp. You can also include an assortment of fresh berries for a nice late brunch including some strawberries and blackberries. For a great French breakfast menu make sure to include eggs, hash browns, and an omelet for a complete meal.

Classic Breakfast

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Another delicious breakfast idea for the French is to have an early morning brunch at your favorite bistro. A classic French breakfast is hash browns and eggs omelet. To make this easy dish just heat a skillet until it is very hot and then add an egg and hash browns. When the hash browns are done, sprinkle a little cheese over the top and fold it over so that the omelet is now inside out. You can serve up this delicious French breakfast dish with many types of bread.

Burgers are another delicious item on the French breakfast menu. The most popular French recipe for a burger is the “Brontchik” which consists of hollandaise sauce, cheese, and of course the burger patty. If you want a more exotic choice for your French brunch make an order of foie gras with a tomato and basil salad. An order of “Bourguignon” is the perfect way to end your meal. This dish includes duck eggs, horseradish sauce, and cranberry sauce.

Of all of the classic French breakfast dishes, “Bourguignon cloud” is one of my favorites. This dish includes eggs cooked to perfection, a pear salad, and of course, brie cheese. Another choice for a wonderful French brunch is “jeans aux jellies” or “jean puits julie”. This delicious breakfast consists of duck eggs, mushrooms, and of course, a yummy hamburger.

The Famous One

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Another choice for a delicious French toast is “brie apres Jolie”. This French breakfast recipe is a favorite among people because it contains a very mild onion sauce and a very thin slice of fresh brie. This type of meal can be accompanied by another favorite French dish, “dupardines de Provence” or “denudata”.

Patty Type Breakfast

One other favorite of mine in the French cuisine menu is “du puits Jolie”. This is a very simple dish that contains only vegetables and a beef patty. I love this type of meal because there is very little chance of having to add any sauces, dressings, or toppings. The patty is a very healthy choice for your breakfast and is easily prepared in a skillet on the stove or oven on the grill.


One of the best things about having a French brunch is that you do not have to worry about any cleanup after the meal. It is typically served on a patio or grassy area, so it is easy to just sit down and have a good meal without cleaning up. Also, French food tends to be very clean and very healthy, so you are also doing your part to save the planet. Another great thing about the French breakfast table is that you do not have to use disposable utensils because almost everything is made from wood. Many of the meals prepared on a French patio or in a bistro are passed on to family and friends as they return from a vacation in France!

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