Four Ingredients That Is A Must In French Breakfast Recipes

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According to French, the most important meal of the day is breakfast because that is the first meal of the day. Usually French prefer having a heavy breakfast, a light lunch, a heavy supper, and a very light dinner. Sometimes when they are too busy during the day and skip their lunches, they prefer having an early brunch, which is a heavy meal in the late evening, followed by a very light dinner, a glass of milk, and biscuits. This article will discuss three popular French breakfast recipes every day in almost every French household. 

If you have recently landed in France and are wondering what to have for breakfast, don’t search for your Indian doses and chapati in France. It would be a complete waste of time to instead taste some of the authentic French breakfast recipes. 

Four ingredients that French cannot do without when it comes to preparing French breakfast recipes are-Coffee, bread, eggs, and chocolate;


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French coffee, also known as French Café Au Lait, is a must-have at the breakfast table when heading for an ideal French breakfast. It is easy to prepare with no complexities. Equal proportions of steamed milk and coffee are mixed to prepare this fantastic coffee. Some people prefer having it for breakfast, and some drink it for supper. If you are drinking this refreshing coffee for breakfast, you can try eating a few flaky croissants with it. The coffee is a fantastic refresher, and the croissants are filling, so you might not feel hungry for hours after having them. If you prefer drinking coffee at supper, you can try a piece of dark chocolate with it.


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Bread is a staple ingredient in almost 70% of French breakfast recipes. French has a hundred bread variations in their breakfast, whether it is croissants, or toasts, or sandwiches. They love eating bread with jam on it. Or butter toasts that are crisp and hot. 


If you are a non-vegetarian, eggs are a must for breakfast. High in protein, eggs are not just delicious, but they are highly nutritious. French Omelet is a staple in every French household, mainly because they are easy to cook, healthy, and at the same time very filling. They also prefer making pancakes from eggs and adding stuffing to them, which makes it a complete meal in itself. 


French love chocolates after meals, especially for breakfast. There are significant variations of chocolates in France. They love hot chocolate with whipped cream for breakfast which happens to be their favorite beverage after coffee. They also love eating chocolate pastries and chocolate muffins for breakfast. 


Therefore, the French prefer eating a breakfast that is easy to make, filling, and nutritious. Bread, eggs, and coffee are a must if you are thinking of making a French breakfast. To top it up, you can add a chocolate snack at the end or a chocolate shake at the beginning of the meal to add some more flavors to your breakfast.

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