Everyday Tips For Washing Vegetables And Fruits

Everyday Tips for Washing Vegetables and Fruit

We all know the advantages and importance of vegetables and fruit in our diet. Right from your childhood, our parents always say to eat a vegetable as much as you can to be healthy and active. Do you know that it is equally important to wash your vegetables and fruits so that you can take their full benefits?

Here are some of the helpful tips for washing vegetables so that they are entirely safe for consumption.

Everyday Tips for Washing Vegetables and Fruit
Everyday Tips for Washing Vegetables and Fruit

General Tips For Washing vegetables And Fruits 

Many of the vegetables and fruits are gifted with their natural protective coating. For them, you have to wash them with the water at your home before you cook or consume them. Always remember that wash vegetables at the time when you are ready to use them to preserve their nutrients. Make sure you wash them under running water; do not just soak them in your bowls or container. Dipping vegetables in a box may again make them infected while you remove them. Also, remember to wash your hands thoroughly before you wash your vegetables and fruits.

Leafy Vegetables And Fruit

Leafy greens such as lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, and cabbages, and spinach need separate attention. For them follow the following tips

Wash the leafy vegetables in cold running water including the pre-bagged one’s

Leafy vegetables such as cabbage and lettuce remove their outer leaves along with heir discolored leaves.

After washing them rinse them thoroughly, you can even use a paper towel or a salad spinner for the same.

After that, preserve it well in a cleaned towel or a suitable bag in the fridge. Remember to use them within a week. Remember, its good to wash such leafy vegetables as soon as you bring them that makes them easier to use in stir-fries and salads without any problems.

Everyday Tips for Washing Vegetables and Fruit
Everyday Tips for Washing Vegetables and Fruit

Washing Vegetables And Fruits Non-Leafy

Fruits such as mango, oranges, melons, and pineapples, also potatoes, carrots, and squash, need to deal in different ways.

The main motive to wash such vegetables and fruits is to make them free from bacteria, which usually survive on their peels.

For such vegetables and fruitsuse a soft and clean cotton cloth to clean them while washing them under tap water. This will make them completely free from any dirt and bacteria that existed on them while in the markets. Make sure to clean them thoroughly after washing them to ensure complete safety.

The same case applies to the mushroom that needs an attentive cleaning on their outer layer.

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