Eat like a Local: 5 Traditional Colombian Breakfast Dishes

A bowl filled with different types of food on a plate

The food of Colombia is very delicious and loved by the people. Different places are famous for different kinds of food. If you ever get a chance to visit Colombia, ensure to have the below breakfast which is very healthy for the body. 


A plate of food on a table

Areas are one of the most loved and national dishes of Colombia, which is preferred all over the country. Most people find the Arepas similar to that of the crunchy corn cake, topped with different ingredients. You cannot keep cheese away from the Colombian dish. The cheese is

the most loved topping in Colombia. They also add avocado, tomato, and green onion sauce. Then it is further cooked on a low flame and allowed the flavor to mix in well. The taste is generally soft, cheesy, and crispy. Arepas is also considered one of the most traditional breakfasts. 


A cup of coffee on a table

The meaning of Caletao is heating, and so is the way of making this breakfast. This Colombian breakfast is very famous and loved by the people and served in most of the restaurants of Colombia. It generally comes with a large rice bowl, some beans, eggs, and another kind of protein salad. This generates energy in the body which helps to perform most of the tasks throughout the day very smoothly and efficiently. 


This dish is mainly from Venezuela, and now it’s the national dish. The Tamales are wrapped in the green leaf, consisting of the three different kinds of meat mixed with various cornflour and vegetables. The Tamale lovers like this food very much and generally prefers this a lot for breakfast. 

Caldo de Costilla 

Caldo de Costilla is the national hangover dish for Colombia. It is prepared by boiling the beef ribs and carrot, potato lice,onion, garlic, and eventually, a warm soup is made. This is mainly loved by the people and is preferred with the arepas and the bread. The warm soup is essential for the body as it improves the metabolism of the body. This will give instant energy to the body and is good for your health.

Chocolate Con Pan

The hot chocolate with the bread is the famous breakfast that most Colombian people prefer. Hot chocolate in Colombia comes in the bar, which is ready to boil with milk. Eventually, it is then turned into a creamy beverage. Then the whole bread is dipped and soaked into the thick chocolate shake and served. It gives you the most delicious taste when you eat it. Some restaurants also add cheese into the dish, which often gives a fantastic smell and taste when the bread is hot. You need to consume it when it is hot. The cold bread and the shake won’t give you the perfect taste.

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