Choosing Breakfast Dishes For A Crowd

breakfast dishes for a crowd

In restaurants, desserts and quick-serve meals are usually served in the early morning and the diners then proceed to the lunch buffet or the evening meal. For this reason, breakfast dishes for a crowd usually revolve around quick-serve meals and desserts. This allows diners the ease of consumption right away as well as the comfort of being together and relaxed for a start.

There are many types of quick-serve breakfast dishes for a crowd. Some include waffles with maple syrup on top, pancakes, eggs, hash browns, oatmeal (or other instant breakfast mix), wafflers, pancakes and waffles, French toast and hash browns. The hash browns should be served with coffee sauce. These are just some breakfast dishes for a crowd to enjoy. There are many more varieties that can be made into a great meal for a large crowd.

A Crowd Need To Be Prepared In Advance

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A crowd needs food that is easy to prepare and serve. Breakfast dishes for a crowd need to be prepared in advance. This means that the breakfast dishes for a crowd need to be ready the day before. Therefore, the restaurant is going to have to order them the day before, store them in their refrigerator and then reheat them on the morning of the outing.

When preparing breakfast for a crowd, take into account that the guests will be having drinks as well. Coffee, tea and sodas are always going to be present. To avoid serving too many people drinks, plan breakfast so everyone has something to drink. A good rule of thumb is that you should serve three servings of any liquid that you are planning to serve at breakfast. This is going to be much less than the six servings of drinks that is listed on the nutrition facts table at the restaurant.

Grits Are Always A Nice Choice To Accompany Eggs

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You should also plan for an extra side dish when serving breakfast. A lot of restaurants will have salad fries to go with the eggs. However, it is important to make sure that your side dishes are going to compliment the food that they are providing. A good side dish to order grits. Grits are always a nice choice to accompany eggs.

If you are serving breakfast for a big crowd, consider having a buffet spread. The buffet spread will offer some protein, vegetables and fruits that can be mixed together. It can also offer a variety of choices of foods that the people in the crowd might like to eat. However, this should only be an option if you are having a large amount of people. Buffet food takes time to cook and is a larger meal than other types of meals.

Choose Ham Or Bacon Instead Of Choosing Ham And Eggs

If you are serving breakfast at a restaurant that you own, be sure that you can get the following items for the meal. If you can, choose the same items that you usually order for your breakfast. For instance, if you usually order a hash brown, choose ham or bacon instead of choosing ham and eggs.

There may be items on the menu that you cannot get at the restaurant that you own so try to ask them about it. However, if you are in the mood to impress your guests and want something different for your breakfast, you might be able to find something in the restaurant that you like.

Final Words

If you are entertaining a large group of people for breakfast, it can be a challenge to choose the right dishes for it. However, if you take your time and look around, you will be able to find the best items for the meal that you serve. It will make the meal better for everyone and make the restaurant feel more comfortable for your guests.

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