Chocolate Facts, Effects & History

Chocolate Mold Decorating Tool

Chocolate is the most delicious sweet which we ever consume. People from the whole world consume this sweet does not matter which age bar he/she is in. Even when we get depressed, we eat chocolate to feel better. But do you know from which tree chocolate gets prepared? The name of the tree is Theobroma cacao, which mainly you will get in the Amazon and Orinoco river basin in South America. The fruit size of the cacao tree is the same as the papaya tree. Chocolate companies harvest these cacao seeds by hand because harvesting by machines can damage the seeds. So you see, the things you are eating are made with love and affection.

Check Out The Several Types Of Chocolate

· First comes dark chocolates, which consist of chocolate liquor, some amount of sugar and vanilla, cocoa butter, and lecithin.

· Second comes milk chocolates, which has all the ingredients of a dark one, but also, it has milk fats and milk solids.

· Third occurs white chocolates, which comprises everything which milk chocolates, but it does not have chocolate liquor.

Creative Chocolate Ballpoint Pen

This is a hugely beneficial product for that person who likes chocolates. If your kids or girlfriend is fond of chocolates, then you can give them as a gift. They will not be able to eat up all the chocolate unless the Ink is getting finished up. Hence, you can play this trick with your kids by giving them this pen.

Creative Chocolate Ballpoint Pen
Creative Chocolate Ballpoint Pen

Features Of This Creative Chocolate Ballpoint Pen

This Made of 100% top-notch plastic. 

This pen has a one of a kind chocolate structure in 3 hues. 

The size of the pen is 9.5 * 2 cm, ideal for stationery making. 

The Ink of this pen is just accessible in dark shading. 


This pen is purely made up of Plastic. It is non-erasable. It is having truly Composing Point 0.5mm.

Use Of This Product

The product is instrumental as Office and School Pen.


It is Chocolate Shape Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm 


Kawaii Black Ink Roller Ball Pens are of these types.


Ball Pens For Writing are available.


Ball Pens For Girls Gift are the most favorites.

Chocolate Mold Decorating Tool

This Product comprises of Food-grade Silicon. This tool is certified by FDA and LFGB for health and safety guidelines. It is having a withstanding temperature capacity of -40 to 230 Deg. Celsius. The mold is useful for Ovens and microwaves. This mold is very used explicitly for cakes, mousse, jelly, and many more baking items of similar types. This product is nontoxic and ant- dusting.

Chocolate Mold Decorating Tool
Chocolate Mold Decorating Tool

Why Should You Buy This?

This Product has lots of uses. Like you can use it while decorating birthday cakes. Moreover, if you are a restaurant owner, then you can use it in some dishes. Also, while making some cakes as well as some jellies, you can use this molder. Because the Product is nontoxic and anti-dust; therefore, you do not have to worry about health issues before buying this Product.

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