Breakfasts, Drinks, and Desserts: Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

healthy egg breakfast recipes

Eggs are delicious and extremely healthy for breakfast. Put them to great use in these non-traditional yet super-healthy healthy egg recipes for the day! This list contains everything from egg omelettes to breakfast casseroles and wraps to whole-grain breakfasts and waffles! There is no question that eggs are an essential breakfast staple – and probably for a good reason!

Start your day off right by enjoying healthy egg breakfast recipes like an egg omelette. It comes together quickly and is a tasty way to get some protein into your diet, especially if you are on the go. The ingredients are simple: eggs, oil, garlic, onion, salt and pepper. Try substituting the cheese and bacon in this recipe for some low-fat cheese and bacon to make it healthier.

Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

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If you are looking for healthy egg breakfast recipes for an afternoon snack, you might want to try one of these tasty snacks. Egg bake is a healthy choice if you love to bake and can make it in a jiffy. Scramble eggs are another great choice, and start the day right with some delicious and healthy omelette or scrambled eggs! Just add some veggies like broccoli and mushrooms and some spices such as turmeric to give it a little zip! Other healthy breakfast burritos are made with black beans, salsa and chopped tomatoes. These healthy choices are sure to be a hit with your guests as well.

One more healthy egg breakfast recipe idea would be to throw some hash browns on some toast, spread some butter on the hash, and add some sliced ham along with the hash. Ham is a good healthy choice because it is high in protein and vitamins A, B, C and E. This makes it an excellent choice for your morning protein requirements. Another great addition to any of your guests’ breakfast eggs baked with vegetables. You can use a ham hanger to ensure that the vegetables are completely covered in the yolk of the egg. This recipe also goes well with any type of toast.

Different Recipes

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When it comes to lunch and dinner, there are many different healthy egg breakfast recipes for you to choose from. For lunch, why not eat healthy spaghetti noodles? They are so easy to make and can be accompanied by some fresh vegetables as well. This delicious lunch option goes well with meat, fish or chips, or just by itself. For dinner, what about some grilled portobello mushrooms? It is easy to make, tastes great, and is filling enough for two!

Some healthy egg breakfast recipes include omelette-like dishes. You might try an egg-whites-and-butter scramble or a variation of the classic waffle. If you have some spinach on hand, you could make some tasty spring rolls. In fact, spring rolls make a great alternative to macaroni and cheese. If you are in a hurry, you can always just grab some cubed chicken in a zip-top bag and serve that with some sliced portobello as an appetizer.

Of course, there are also many mouthwatering healthy egg breakfast recipes that consist of something more substantial than scrambled eggs. One great example would be a healthy egg omelette made with chickpeas, green beans, and pinto beans. A great choice for breakfast burritos would be sweet potato hash egg muffin cups with some shredded carrots and mushrooms on top.

Bottom Line

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with some fresh fruit. You might try a fruit casserole instead of the traditional chocolate chip cookies. For a traditional chocolate chip cookie alternative, you might also consider trying a healthy egg breakfast casserole with some tortilla chips on top and topped with shredded low-fat sour cream, chopped dried chives, and a drizzle of lemon juice. These are just two very popular choices for the healthy egg breakfast recipes that you’re looking for.

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