Breakfast Sausage Recipes For Those On A Budget

sausage recipes for breakfast

Are you in the mood for some good food? Looking for some great sausage recipes for breakfast? You have come to the right place! I love to eat breakfast foods, but sometimes I get tired of the same old thing. This is my chance to change things up a little bit, try something new.

Fresh Peppers And Onions

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Breakfast, lunch, and even dinner options as well! So many delicious options to let all your taste buds and imagination run wild! Start with some fresh peppers and onions on hand. You can use a variety of hot peppers to bring out the flavors of your sausage. I prefer the seeds and the veins. I think it gives it a little more zip and a lot more depth of flavor.

Another wonderful choice for breakfast are potatoes. A nice combination of potato and sausage makes a tasty breakfast food. My favorite is ground beef sausages along with some chopped onions and mushrooms. For a nice change of pace, add some shredded carrots or fresh spinach. It’s also nice to include some mushrooms in the mixture because they add just the right amount of flavor.

Some other fantastic recipes for breakfast include chicken sausage, ham, and bacon. All three of these dishes go great together as well. I usually just use a little pepper and onion and saute the meat. Then I pop the cooked sausage into the sausage pot to brown it a bit and then cook it in the same pan with the other ingredients. You can easily move them around to create the right temperature and timing for your particular recipe. Just show details on the back of the cooker to know how much heat to put in, and how long you will cook the dish.

Chicken Sausage Links

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Another option for sausage recipes for breakfast are chicken sausage links. I love these because you can alternate ground beef and pork for the taste. These are an excellent choice for meat loaf, which is a popular breakfast dish in my household. Just be sure that you don’t overheat the pan will lose its nonstick coating. When you’re ready to serve the meal, just transfer the skillet directly to the table so that the heat is distributed properly.

If you prefer chorizo to ham, try this breakfast skillet with onion, bell pepper, and mushrooms. I like to season my chorizo with a little garlic powder, cumin, and salt before cooking. This way you get a mild yet flavorful chorizo that you can add to many other recipes, too. Just follow the instructions for your particular sausage. I’ve even added it to chili and spaghetti sauces!

South American Chorizo Recipes

There are dozens of other excellent South American chorizo recipes for breakfast, too. Did you know that this dish is also known as pico de Gallo? It’s simple to make, and it makes an excellent chili, too. I’ve even used it as a pizza sauce… I’ll tell you how that worked out…

I start by adding pinto beans (also known as kidney beans) to my heated chorizo mixture. Then I add some sliced onions and green peppers. After that, I sprinkle on some black pepper and some dried oregano, along with some salt and pepper to taste. Finally, I sprinkle on a bit of black pepper and some chopped fresh mushrooms to garnish the dish.

Then, I take my trusty cast iron skillet and heat it up over medium heat. When the skillet is hot enough, I add my sausage mixture to it. I then brown the sausage on all sides, until it is browned all the way. I then turn it over and allow the delicious sausage gravy to cook in its own liquids. It’s really quite tasty.


The other thing I love about the South American recipes for breakfast was that they were so affordable. Sure, the ingredients were high in price, but there were so many options. If I’m being served pork sausage and beans, I want both the sausage and the beans! If there was only one thing I had to get up every morning, it would be this particular South American recipe for breakfast. And, if I had to make any changes to this recipe for breakfast, it would simply be to use spinach instead of cabbage, and to substitute the ham for ham.

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