Breakfast Dishes – Breakfast is Not the Only Meal of the Day

breakfast dishes with eggs

Eating in the morning is a tradition that has been around for centuries. The early settlers had breakfast dishes that consisted of little more than waffles and pancakes. In fact, they could be eaten at any hour of the day, but were certainly best served after dinner. While today’s standards may vary slightly, certain traditions and customs remain. Let’s look at five popular breakfast dishes that are sure to make your morning a lot more interesting.

Recipes With Eggs

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Breakfast is an excellent time for enjoying a hearty meal. Eggs are always a favorite, and there are literally dozens of recipes that call for eggs. Of course, many people don’t like eggs, so consider alternatives like avocado or some other milder flavored fruit. If you’re looking for something a bit more interesting, try baked or toasted toast. Other breakfast dishes that are popular include French toast, hash browns, oatmeal cookies, cereal bars, or even fruit parfaits.

Many people enjoy having a snack before they begin their workday. Snacks can range from a simple potato cracker with peanut butter and jam to a ham sandwich. In addition to having healthy benefits, snacks help you avoid getting too hungry during the day. Try to keep your finger foods to a minimum, and mix things up. For example, instead of having a sandwich as your lunch, try a variety of breads, vegetables, and fruits.

Late Morning Meal

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A late morning meal is almost as important as a morning meal. Many people don’t enjoy having a morning meal until lunch time, but it is important to have food available when you need it. It may not be possible to stop eating by ten o’clock in the morning, but at least make a quick snack available to help your morning become a bit less hectic. Consider an apple, a pear, an orange, or even a handful of toast. These are fairly small items, and they’re sure to provide your body with some healthy ingredients.

As with most things, there are both good and bad breakfast dishes. If you enjoy fast food, consider skipping the French fries and opting for a baked potato. For people who prefer to stay on a more healthy diet, chicken tenders make a great alternative to fried chicken. Other people prefer the taste of eggs over pancakes, so consider making French toast instead of owning the pancakes.

Granola Bars

Some foods are better for you at different times of the day. Snacks like granola bars are great for your mornings. They are relatively low in fat and are filling without being too full. Other healthy snacks are fruits and yogurt. Both of these foods are very filling without packing on the pounds. You should eat several small meals per day, rather than three large ones.

Last Words

The next time you are in the mood for a change, try one of the ideas above. You never know what kind of discovery you will make. While it may not be a traditional breakfast, you never know when it could be your favorite thing to try. After all, isn’t that what great food is all about? Experiment and you never know what kind of discovery you will make.

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