Breakfast Dishes – A Mouth Watering Treat

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When it comes to lunch and breakfast, Indian food is one of the best around. The spices used in the dishes impart a flavor to it that is out of this world. Whether it is the masala chai or the quick buns that you get from street vendors, Indian dishes have the capacity to make even the most conservative person smile. In this article, you will learn how to prepare some of the most popular Indian lunch and breakfast dishes that can be ordered through different means.

Sateen Breakfast

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Sateen is an ideal choice for starters while preparing your lunch. It is usually cooked with wheat flour, clarified, and oil. A typical breakfast served in an Indian house is the sateen porridge. It has a sweet taste, thanks to the addition of sugar and honey.

After the sateen porridge, morning brunch is a must try. It includes steamed vegetables, eggs, and curd that are fried in coconut oil. An excellent breakfast to start your day, it can also be a wonderful lunch time meal too. The variety of Indian foods that are served for breakfast can make sure you never get bored.


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Everybody needs a good source of protein and Indian food is just the right thing. There are several types of breakfast dishes in Indian that can fulfill your need. You can either go for the healthier option of usti, made of chickpeas or the non vegetarian one of rice, or even a plain porridge that can be made delicious with a combination of vegetables and yoghurt.


The main course is one of the most important aspects of any meal. And when it comes to Indian food, there is no dearth of options. You can opt for the traditional starter of rotis, which is made of dry rice. Or you can also opt for Samosas and chapatis that can be made of wheat or barley flour and topped with beef or mutton curry.


There are plenty of options for lunch including Samosas and Chapatis that can be made of thin rice or wheat flour. A good side dish can be baked beans. After a busy day, your body needs some energy and that is exactly what you will get from tortilla and rice cooked in the clay oven. You can also order a tasty dessert that can be made of banana, almonds and fresh strawberries.


Indian food is known for its exotic recipes that include such mouth watering concoctions as Lassi, Rasam, Jalebis and Pudina. There is something for everyone on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s. Chocolate is a favorite amongst young and old alike and you can find chocolate flavored Lassi, Rasam, Jalebis and Pudina. There is an endless choice of delicious desserts to choose from, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you want to treat yourself to a unique and mouthwatering dessert, you can always go for a recipe of Ampalaya Muriyani. It is made with nuts and cashews.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a special breakfast dish to serve at your function or party, you can try any of the delicious Indian recipes for breakfast listed above. It doesn’t matter if it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Indian food is something that the entire family will love. If you are planning to organize a function in an upcoming month, then you should definitely plan for a variety breakfast dishes for all the family members. It doesn’t matter whether it is for morning afternoon or evening; you can make delicious food for everyone. Don’t miss out on getting a lot of fun from this delightful cuisine.

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