Best Mexican Breakfasts Near Me

mexican breakfast

There’s nothing like starting the day with a hearty and delicious breakfast, and if you’re in the mood for some Mexican-style dishes, there are plenty of great options nearby. At Tacos El Gordo, you can enjoy traditional breakfast tacos filled with eggs, potatoes, and chorizo, or try the huevos rancheros for something a little different. For a sweet treat, stop by La Popoca for some fresh churros, or if you’re looking for something on the lighter side, La Casa Del Cafe has a variety of healthy smoothies and acai bowls. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find something to your taste. The best Mexican Breakfasts near you are listed below.

1. El Burrito Jr

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This place is pretty popular for its breakfast burritos which come in a wide variety of flavors. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming.

2. Cancun

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Another great spot for Mexican breakfast burritos, Cancun also offers a variety of other breakfast items such as pancakes and eggs.

3. La Casa Del Pueblo

A bit pricier than the previous two places but worth it, La Casa Del Pueblo has an extensive menu with a lot of delicious-looking options.

4. Mexico City Restaurant

A great option if you’re looking for more traditional Mexican breakfast fare such as chilaquiles and huevos rancheros.

5. Maya Café

Another pricier option, Maya Café is a bit more upscale but still has great food. If you’re looking for something different, they also offer breakfast tacos.

6. El Ranchero

A good middle-of-the-road option, El Ranchero offers a wide variety of breakfast items at reasonable prices.

7. Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara

A more unique option, tortas Ahogadas are sandwiches that are drowned in a spicy sauce. Worth trying if you’re feeling adventurous!

8. La Flor de Calabaza

A great choice if you’re looking for a healthy Mexican breakfast option, La Flor de Calabaza offers a variety of fruit and vegetable juices as well as whole wheat tortillas.

9. El Parque

Another good middle-of-the-road option, El Parque offers standard Mexican breakfast fare such as eggs, bacon, and toast as well as more unique items such as chilaquiles.

10. Café de Olla

A great choice if you want a healthy and delicious Mexican breakfast, Café de Olla offers a variety of freshly made juices and vegetarian options.

11. Los Girasoles

A bit off the beaten path, Los Girasoles is worth seeking out if you’re looking for a truly authentic Mexican breakfast experience. They offer traditional dishes such as Menudo and posole as well as more modern options such as breakfast burritos.

12. El Granero

This place has a cozy atmosphere and the food is amazing. You must try the chilaquiles!

13. Doña Lupe

This is another great option for more traditional Mexican breakfast dishes. The service is also very friendly and efficient.


If you’re ever in the mood for a delicious Mexican breakfast, but you don’t want to cook, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite places to get your breakfast taco fix. Whether you live in Austin or are just visiting, these local spots will not disappoint. So the next time you wake up with a craving for huevos rancheros or chilaquiles, check out one of these great restaurants. And if we missed your favorite spot, let us know in the comments!

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