Best Japanese breakfast restaurants around the globe

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Japanese breakfast is the most delicious breakfast in the world. Japanese breakfast is served in a Japanese-style restaurant or hotel that is called ryokan. Japanese breakfast is full of vegetables, seafood, eggs, rice, and tofu. All dishes are beautifully arranged on a tray with lots of side dishes. It’s almost impossible to find a vegetarian view in Japan so everyone loves meat especially fish for this meal. If you go to Japan then don’t forget to go to a Japanese restaurant and try Japanese breakfast. We have selected the best Japanese restaurants for you, which offer delicious and healthy Japanese breakfast at an affordable price.

1. BAKE Cheese Tart

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Bake cheese tart is a perfect place for breakfast lovers in Tokyo. It has a wide range of dishes for breakfast including a simple cheese tart. It is a perfect place to sit and enjoy with friends or family, you can also buy some stuff from a bakery as well.

2. The bread shop HOSHINO-YA

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Hoshino-ya is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Kyoto where you will get an amazing traditional breakfast experience. It has a wide range of bread that is baked on its own. More than 20 types of bread are served for breakfast including sweet, salty, and cheese flavored ones. The restaurant is very simple but you can enjoy amazing dishes at an affordable price.

3. Kichisō

Kichisō is one of the best-known restaurants in Tokyo. It has two outlets, one is located in Ginkgo-Shita and another one on Sukiyabashi street. The restaurant prepares local dishes for breakfast at an affordable price. There are tasty Japanese dishes are available including raw oysters, rice porridge, natto fermented soybeans, broiled salmon, and sashimi.

4. Yajima-Sōen

Yajima Sōen is an amazing restaurant in Tokyo that offers you great dishes for breakfast. A wide range of dishes is served including sashimi, omelet porridge, and grilled fish. The restaurant has two outlets; one is located at Higashi Ueno station and another one at Akabane station.

5. The breakfast restaurant TSUKIJI JIMBOCHO HONTEN

Tsukiji Jimbōchō Honten is an amazing Japanese breakfast restaurant where you can try many types of dishes and enjoy them with your friends and family. Delicious and healthy dishes are served in the morning, the restaurant is very popular for its mouthwatering dishes. The restaurant is located in Tsukiji station, you can also buy some fresh fish from the store as well.


In Hamayoshi, You will get lots of healthy and delicious dishes for breakfast including eggs, sushi, sashimi, and broiled fish. The restaurant has two outlets in Tokyo, one is located in Shibuya station and another one at Kanda Station. Hamayoshi is a famous Japanese breakfast restaurant where you will get amazing dishes for breakfast.

7. Sushi restaurant MATSUNOZASHI

If you are looking for the best sushi bar in Kyoto then Matsunozashi is the best option for you. The restaurant serves amazing breakfast dishes including rice porridge, miso soup, and chawanmushi steamed egg custard. The restaurant has two outlets one is located in Teramachi and another one at Karasuma street.

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