Best Advice On Breakfast El Paseo Palm Desert

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If you want to start your morning with the finest breakfast in Palm Desert, there are a host of choices available with a range of restaurants, diners, and even donut shops to suit your needs. From conventional, tried-and-true staples such as eggs and a sturdy array of pancakes to more pour la options of candy-coated breakfast or French toast covered with Melted cheese, there’s plenty for all to appreciate at the breakfast table. Discover the top-rated breakfast places in Greater Palm Springs and how they’ll keep increasing your appetite.

Wilma and Frieda’s Cafe

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This proud location is one of several great spots featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. You won’t find many things occurring before noon on El Paseo; however, this spot, situated on the second floor of The Gardens, generally has a pleasant crowd appreciating things like meatloaf and egg whites, a short rib scramble with prosciutto, and a 6 oz. Cocktail. Steak and eggs.

John’s Restaurant

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Fast food establishments like Burger King and Dairy Queen may have certain dishes like the hamburger and shake joint, although it doesn’t mean it is the same. The food at this restaurant is always great for breakfast. When you go to John’s Lothes, order at the counter, and then sit down at a table. Find a booth, sit back, and relax till your food is ready. After breakfast, then scrape into a generous serving of your favorite breakfast food. Like the breakfast foods at McDonald’s, John’s has much stuff for you to pull out of the AM-PM. You will be left with a fair amount of food, as you might have been unable to complete the delicious food in a single sitting.

El Paseo Grill

This place can be a little difficult to reach as it is situated in a strip center largely shielded from Highway 111, but when you can find it, you will be welcomed to just not a few of the best breakfast in Palm Desert, but many of the best in the whole Coachella Valley. It is a small and limited establishment with a small staff, so please understand that you will need to order from the counter and will have to grab your coffee, but that is all right, so because staff in the kitchen are busy cooking and cooking up breakfast burritos, bacon, and eggs.

Grand Central Palm Springs

If you have a hankering for breakfast, then you can go to Grand Central Palm, where their delicious dishes, including the fluffy and dreamy citrus ricotta cakes, come with an orange yogurt seasoning and top with strawberries. And feel free to ask for the great side dishes, the home fries, the ham, and the eggs. There’s also a nice selection of breakfast drinks, including the well-rated mimosa.

The Final One: Grove Artisan Kitchen At Miramonte Resort & Spa

The Grove Artisan Kitchen is effectively renowned for its use of fresh and local produce to ensure it’s the very best, particularly with such a pleasant atmosphere. This restaurant combines resort produce with locally grown herbs and uses it to create rustic dishes such as golden tomato gazpacho, fattoush salad, cannelloni Florentine, and free-range roasted chicken.

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