4 Best Breakfast Desert Hot Springs Places For Perfect Brunch Dining

breakfast desert hot springs

Breakfast is always considered the most important meal because it gives you the necessary to start your day. In Desert Hot Springs, there is no scarcity of restaurant and breakfast options. From whole fried eggs to chocolate pancakes and beef, you’ll get everything that you want!

Here, there is something for everyone to choose from and satisfy their cravings. Today, in this article, we’ll mention some best breakfast desert hot springs places where you’ll enjoy the dream meal of your life. Above all, every place mentioned in this list has four-plus ratings on Google, and seriously they are budget-friendly.

Trio Restaurant

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The Trio is the first place where tourists stop in desert hot springs to try their different types of omelets. This is the one-stop destination for classic chicken, crispy omelets, fried chicken, and bacon. If you are more health-conscious, try the wild mushroom omelet or the avocado toast.

If you prefer a simple breakfast, only go for the common and people’s favorite fried egg omelet or sandwich prepared with veggies, bacon, and cheese. All the morning meals are served with a platter of fresh fruits and juices.

AC3 Restaurant And Bar

The Trio is the sister of AC3 Restaurant And Bar that serves one of the best breakfast meals prepared by famous chef Andrew Copley. From sweet pancakes to spicy bacon and fried chicken, AC3 has everything to satisfy your cravings. If you are visiting this place, then never forget to try ‘’2 Eggs Your Way’’ boasted with spicy bacon, fried chicken, sausages, along with your choice toast.

If you want to stay at a healthier side, try the baked vanilla pancakes served with honey Greek Yogurt, blueberry sauce, and applewood bacon. Some vegetarian breakfast options are also available that are gluten-free and low in fat.

The Cafe At Shields

The third place on our list is ‘’The Cafe At Shields’’ serves breakfast meals that feature hygienic, fresh, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken and beef. Here, you’ll find dishes that are a combination of two different cuisines. The Mexican cuisine of this restaurant features homemade staples, fresh eggs omelets, and sandwiches.

If you are fond of omelets, try the delicious Machaca con Huevo y Frijoles that comprises side beans, sauces, potatoes, onion, shredded beef served with two whole omelets.

For a simple and light breakfast, you can try biscuits/toasts of your choice with a side dish consisting of meat or bacon along with some fresh fruits. Don’t forget to try the shakes, smoothies, and fruit juices of this restaurant. The smoothies are so creamy and delicious; you’ll simply fall for them and leave your omelets.

Final Words

These were the best breakfast desert hot springs places where you can kickstart your day with delicious meals and positive vibes. The best part is these restaurants also provide the option of free doorstep delivery without any additional convenience fee. We don’t feel you need some more reasons to convince yourself to visit these places.

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